A Recipe for Successful ABMFeaturing Craig Rosenberg

Welcome to this edition of Modern Marketing Point of View. Today we hear from the incomparable Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst and Co-Founder at TOPO. Craig joins us to discuss what’s changing in demand gen, what is and isn’t working in marketing, and his recipe for account-based marketing (ABM) success.

What’s changing in demand gen?

Craig thinks that change is on the horizon—but we’re not quite there yet. “Right now we’re in mental change management,” he says, noting that companies are beginning to recognize the need for more precision, personalization, and engagement, but haven’t yet adjusted their approaches accordingly. He thinks that first of all, we have to change our point of view.

What’s NOT working in marketing?

According to Craig, the scoreboard model has outlived its usefulness. “People are still attracted to the scoreboard—that is a lead, that is an MQL, or whatever,” Craig says, “that limits us.” What marketers should be focusing on instead, he thinks, is meaningful engagement with the buyer across the entire organization.

Ingredients for ABM success

Craig’s recipe for ABM success combines just three ingredients:

  1. A target: create an ideal customer profile.
  2. A plan: come up with a simple, doable orchestration plan that combines marketing and sales development.
  3. Alignment: ensure that sales and marketing are on the same page and can completely depend on one another.

And voila! That’s everything you need to cook up a successful ABM program.

Let’s play marketing buzzwords

As an added bonus, we asked Craig to take part in some fun, marketing-inspired word association. See if you can relate.

We’d love to hear what’s working (or not working) for you in your demand gen efforts. Sound off in the comments below.

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