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Background Music for Video: How to Pick The Perfect Track

Music is the literature of the heart, a French poet once said. Musical accompaniments to film are so powerful that some soundtracks outsell the movies themselves and some background songs become permanently lodged in the cultural consciousness. Consider Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”—it’s such a fitting power ballad of romantic yearning that it’s […]

8 Free Video Resources to Make You a Video Marketing Pro in No Time

Learning new skills can help keep you engaged, make you more adaptable, increase your career opportunities, and even benefit your health. Plus, it’s one of the big things that high performers—the people who get promoted—tend to have in common. We put together this list of awesome FREE video resources to make it easy for you […]

Sustainable Fashion Is the New Social Video Movement

The latest fashion haul videos trend is ethical fashion! Here’s a closer look at the top-performing sustainable fashion haul videos and what brands can learn.

How to Screen Record on Any Device (Plus: The Best Screen Recorders)

Almost every device—Macs, PCs, iPhones, and Androids—have a built-in way to record your screen, but each one is different. On iPhones, it only takes four steps. On PCs, you may have to use PowerPoint. (Yes, really.) And lord help anyone trying to screen record on Android who isn’t a developer. Below are step-by-step instructions for […]

August’s Top Video Game Industry Sponsored Content Is Here

August’s top ten sponsored campaigns from the video game industry hailed from industries like food, tech, and — of course — gaming.

The Top YouTube Channels from August Are As Global As Ever

August’s top YouTube channels pulled in 16.6B total views, and most of these came from the rise of even more international content, as well as genres like gaming and tech.

The Best Video Hosting for Business: Compare Your Options

So you’ve created a business video. Now what? Well, it’s no good sitting on your desktop. You need to get it out to the world, and that’s where you run into problems. You can’t send the full file in an email or text—it’s too big. You can’t upload it directly to your website—that’d devour bandwidth […]

Vidyard Releases Free and Pro Offerings of its Business-Grade Video Hosting Service; Helps All Companies Easily Create, Customize and Share Videos

Vidyard, available now as free and pro versions, allows any business to create, host and share videos across digital channels without the drawbacks of consumer-oriented video hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo. KITCHENER, Ontario – Sept 24, 2019 – Vidyard, the leading video platform for business, is taking another step toward making business-grade video content […]