Pack 1,000 Years of Storytelling Punch into Your Next Sales Video

Storytelling has become synonymous with selling. Why? People respond to stories. They’re more engaging than a string of facts, and our brains are wired to respond to storytelling formats. Consider that billions of people around the world have seen Star Wars. Millions of kids pretend to be Luke Skywalker in their backyards. They don’t practice […]

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Every marketer’s dream is to turn their customers into brand ambassadors—or, at least, it should be! Brand ambassadors, or customer advocates, are walking, talking advertisements, who are free of charge. They provide the highest quality leads for one simple reason: authenticity. Think about it. Are you more likely to make a purchase based on an […]

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Want to Maximize Cold Email Intrigue? Show, Don’t Tell

When Tom Dickson first stepped up to the camera, he didn’t just say “We’ve got a great product.” He quietly donned goggles and a lab coat and force-fed seemingly random objects like hockey pucks and crowbars into one of his Blendtec kitchen blenders. Tom’s a unique individual in that he understands a core principle of […]

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