How Industry Leaders Are Beating Video Benchmarks

Each year we do an analysis of all the data in our system, over 600 different companies, to create video benchmarks that help us understand what they’re doing with B2B video. We look at how many videos they are publishing on a monthly basis, what sort of trends we are seeing in different industries, how long the videos they publish are, how long people are actually watching.

Through all of this data, we find some interesting tidbits of knowledge and we share them with you, the rest of the world, in our Video Benchmark Report. To help you understand what different people are doing with video, and to understand what benchmarks you can be looking at as you plan out your own video strategies.

We recently hosted an interactive, entertaining, and educational discussion focused entirely on the findings of our 2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report. We were lucky enough to be joined by Rene Lego, Director of Video at SolarWinds and Daniel Sendecki, the Director of Brand & Creative at Uberflip.

Together with Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing at Vidyard the discussion covered all the benchmarks you need to know about, and how to put key insights from the data into practice within your organization to drive your marketing, sales, and overall video strategy forward in the years to come.

Check it out in the video below;

2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report Webinar

Don’t have time to watch the full discussion? No worries here are a few of our favorite moments:

Are you seeing things accelerate in terms of how much video you’re using, and if so, where’s this growth coming from, what types of  B2B video are you putting out there?

“We’re seeing a lot of increased production on our end across a wide spectrum of things. The real driver is that we’ve started to really shift our focus to more of an ABM approach. Which has the interesting causal effect of us creating more videos and more personalized videos that are more targeted to the accounts that we identify.”  – Daniel Sendecki, the Director of Brand & Creative at Uberflip

“At SolarWinds, I know there’s a big demand for video, so it just never stops. At any given time we have probably 50 to 60 video requests in our queue. The biggest uptick for us has come in social, and customizing video for social. So we will make a video specific to Facebook, and then we’ll make a separate video specific to Instagram or we’ll make a video only for Instagram, and then we’ll make a video and only release it on LinkedIn, and make something specific for Twitter, so that’s definitely a trend that’s different for us than had been in previous years.” – Rene Lego, Director of Video at SolarWinds

What’s the best approach for B2B video creation? Outsourcing vs internal, and what’s the trade-off that companies tend to look at there?

“Well, for us it’s important to remain agile, so what we focused on is developing relationships with a couple of key agencies that can help us move the dial when it comes to larger production needs. But we’re also improving our in-house capabilities as well so that we can be self-service. So ensuring that we have the right hardware and software to be able to empower the rest of the company to join us in video creation!” – Daniel Sendecki, the Director of Brand & Creative at Uberflip

“Depending on whether it’s a featurette or a product release we create it. It really works from an in-house standpoint. Whenever we have gone out externally it’s become a little dicey, we’ve had to micromanage that external production house, or freelance team because they didn’t understand our product, or us. So for us in-house works, for others, a mixture.” – Rene Lego, Director of Video at SolarWinds

Where is the B2B video demand coming from and how are you using video across your different programs?

“I would say email, e-learning, specific QA nurture program, whether that nurture program is a combo of email and landing page, or sales and support those would be the biggest. And then second would be any new landing pages that are driving our SEO specifically.” – Rene Lego, Director of Video at SolarWinds

So it’s clear that the debate about whether or not to use video is dead–90% of marketers already do. Instead, companies are asking themselves, “How can we use it better?”

Discover how businesses on the cutting edge are leveraging video in the 2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report and learn how you can take your video strategy to the next level.

Have additional questions of your own? Sound off in the comments below.

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