How We Took $30 And Created A Killer Valentine’s Day Campaign!

Emails aren’t READ, Videos are VIEWED, from all of us at Vidyard – Happy Valentines Day to you!

This Valentine’s day we wanted to do something special for our customers, we debated how to pull something together that was personal, quick to execute, didn’t use much budget, and got the message across that Vidyard loves its customers.

Do we send them all handmade valentines day cards? Buy everyone boxes of chocolates? Hire a man with a plane to write their names in the sky (oh wait we already did that).

In the final hour, the idea clicked, a video booth! We could decorate an office and let staff use Vidyard GoVideo to quickly record Valentine’s Day themed videos on their laptops to send to customers. Using $30 worth of decorations (our only expense for this campaign) the Vidyard Valentines Day Video Booth was created!

How We Took $30 And Created A Killer Valentine’s Day Campaign! 1Throughout the day staff were encouraged (and tempted with donuts) to come down to the Video Booth and record videos for their clients/customers to show them how much we cared. We also captured some behind the scenes moments with the time lapse video below. You’ll want to watch until the end for an added treat! 

The best part was that because they were using GoVideo there was no outside equipment needed. Staff simply leveraged the free chrome extension, and recorded videos using their laptops. This made it easy for our busy sales reps, and customer success managers (CSMs) to record a bunch of personal videos for customers without needing a video production team to shoot them.

How did our videos turn out? Amazing! Clients were blown away by the gesture, and it was an unexpected treat to their Valentines Day. Here are some examples of great videos that were recorded;

There are many great ways that your organization can use GoVideo to surprise, connect with, and WOW your customers/prospects. You can use it to send holiday messages like we did (St. Patrick’s Day Video Booth anyone?) but GoVideo can also be used to welcome customers to your organization, celebrate their milestones, introduce them to their CSM team, give product updates, help with support tickets, and so much more.

Have some great ideas of how your organization can use GoVideo to enhance experiences? Already using GoVideo and want to show off your creative uses of it? Share it with me in the comment section below!

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Posted on: February 15, 2018, by : RobOakley

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