The Four E’s of Creating Content That Connects [Infographic]

Templated emails, unimaginative blog posts, and prospects stuck under filing cabinets—the worlds of sales and marketing are full of them. We’ve all been on the receiving end of bland, spammy, or just plain irrelevant outreach. Don’t our customers deserve better content that connects?

Just see how poor Laura over at Architech is faring:

We’ve gone out into the wild in search of bad communications in their natural habitat. After many weeks spent hiking through business headquarters, camping out in cubicles, and slogging through spam, we’ve come back with our observations on the worst offenders.

We’ve decided to compile all of our findings into the fabulous infographic below. Think of it as a mini “what not to do” guide.

But wait, that’s not all!

We’ve collected our top four tips and strategies to help you avoid making the same mistakes as the bad communicators we studied. We want to empower you to overcome ineffective outreach and inspire you to create content that connects with your audience and prospects.

By putting these 4 E’s into practice you’ll certainly be able to enchant your audience—not to mention build genuine, personal connections with customers and prospects alike.

Check out our infographic below and find out how you can take your content from interruptive to irresistible. 

Download your copy today!

Content The Connects

There’s no doubt about it—video helps you embrace the 4 E’s to deliver personalized experiences that really WOW your audience, and leave them wanting more. Go forth, you marvelous marketers and sensational sellers, and become the “Personal Pams” of your business!

You’ll be wowing prospects, and engaging your audiences by creating content that connects in no time.

Have you encountered any Bland Brians or Generic Jens in the wild? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Psst…need more inspiration for creating irresistible video content? Check out our Inspiration Hub!

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