Why Video Needs to Be a Part of Your Sales Tech Stack featuring Craig Kulman

Welcome to this edition of Modern Sales Point of View. Today we hear from the remarkable Craig Kulman, Director of Inside Sales at Gong.io. Craig looks at what’s changing in B2B sales, what sales tactics are working, and why a carefully curated sales tech stack is more important than ever.

What’s changing in B2B sales?

From Craig’s perspective, the question might be better phrased as: what isn’t changing in B2B sales? “It feels like even what was working two months ago is stone age as of today,” he says. It’s more important than ever for salespeople to be ahead of of the curve to stand out and get noticed.

What’s working in B2B sales?

Craig’s strategy for staying ahead of the curve? A great tech stack. Which gives his team an edge when it comes to efficiency, a carefully selected tech stack enables them to leverage standout new technologies, like personal video messaging. “Having video as part of our tech stack is a way of really getting noticed,” he says, noting that his team likes to lead with video as the first touch in their cadence to make an impact from the get-go.

What should be in your sales tech stack?

At the core of Craig’s tech stack are Salesforce and Salesloft, which he thinks are essentials for managing tasks and coordinating sales teams. On top of those cornerstone technologies, his team uses Chili Piper, Vidyard GoVideo, zoominfo, and DiscoverOrg to ensure they’re targeting the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

Are you already one of the many sales teams who are utilizing video in their sales tech stack? What results have you been seeing? What tips would you recommend to those just starting with video? Which sales tech tools are you leveraging to drive results? Let us know what’s working (or not working) in the comments below.

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Posted on: April 20, 2018, by : RobOakley

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