Why Video Selling is So Hot Featuring John Barrows and Morgan Ingram

Welcome to this edition of Modern Sales Point of View. Today we hear from John Barrows and Morgan Ingram of J. Barrows Consulting who provide sales training to some of the fastest growing tech companies. This pair of sensational salespeople discusses what’s changing in sales development, why video is such a hot sales trend, and the continued importance of the human element in sales.

What’s the future of sales development?

Our dynamic duo agrees: the future of sales is going to be much more personal. Right now, there’s a lot of noise in sales, generated from an excess of template emails and generic cold calls. As John quips, “most people are hiding behind the technology and they’re not putting the human element behind it.” He thinks that technologies like video will allow sales reps who make their outreach personal shine, while rendering sales reps who focus on generic, quantity-over-quality outreach obsolete. Morgan agrees, saying that he sees personal brands, social selling, and video becoming increasingly important in the next few years. People want to see the person behind the sales pitch.

Why is video such a hot sales trend?


Zoolander jokes aside, Morgan and John have slightly different perspectives on why video is exploding in sales.

Morgan attributes video’s success to its ability to engage and grab a prospect’s attention within in a very short period of time. If you can add value within the first ten seconds, he believes people are going to listen to what you have to say. “Within the first couple seconds or minutes, if it’s not entertaining, you’re out,” he says, comparing video in sales to movies or TV shows.

For John on the other hand,  it’s all about the human element. John argues that video captures emotional nuance and allows salespeople to build relationships with potential buyers better than other forms of communication, such as phone or email. Words or tone alone are only a percentage of the way we communicate, since most of what we “say” is nonverbal. “Video, you’re dealing with 100%,” he says, “I can see your sincerity, I can tell that you care, I can get a feel for you as a person.”

Let’s play sales word association

As a little bonus, we played word association with John and Morgan around sales buzzwords. Stay tuned to see if you can relate (and to find out how John REALLY feels about account-based marketing)!

We’d love to hear what’s working (or not working) for you in your sales development efforts. Sound off in the comments below.

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