You Can’t Buy a Beer with a Marketing Qualified LeadFeaturing Matt Heinz

Welcome to this edition of Modern Marketing Point of View. Today we hear from the one and only Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing. He discusses what’s changing in demand generation and how your marketing team should be measuring success.

What’s Changing in Demand Generation?

As Matt cheekily notes, “you can’t buy a beer with a marketing qualified lead.” Leads aren’t the end game—sales and revenue are. That’s the rationale behind the shift he’s been noticing in demand gen: a shift towards quality and results over volume and activity.

What’s Working in Demand Generation?

If you’re aiming for quality and measurable results over quantity, Matt argues that the most effective tactic you should be using is simpleengaging your leads in conversation. Ask yourself: what are you doing to engage your prospects in a conversation, not necessarily about your product, but about the problem that they have?

In his opinion, the difference between successful and unsuccessful B2B marketers is that successful marketers are focusing on the conversation.

What’s Working in Sales and Marketing?

Matt’s number one recommendation is to educate your audience first and sell to them second. “What’s the insight you bring that they would’ve paid for?”—that’s the question he thinks marketers and salespeople should focus on. “Someone that can help make me better and educate me, I’m more willing to listen to,” he says.

Not to mention that customization is key. Spending a little time on your prospect’s bio and learning a bit more about their organization can go a long way.


We’d love to hear what’s working (or not working) for you when it comes to demand gen. Sound off in the comments below.

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